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ProGraming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) Leads The Way In Play-For-Pay

Competitive online gaming, where players form competitive online clubs to challenge each other, is the real growth area of computerized gaming. Add to this the fact that the computer games industry is already bigger than either the U.S. music or movie industry, and the significance of the potential market becomes clear.

The Internet has transported competitive gaming to a new world, where anyone can game with anyone else, no matter where on the planet they live. Virtually every game console and gaming application is now being designed with this global perspective in mind. The next step in the gaming revolution is now at hand - the monetization of competition, allowing players to be financially rewarded, easily, quickly, and dependably, for their playing skill, regardless of the particular game being played.

This is where the ProGaming advanced gaming platform comes in. ProGaming's proprietary technology handles all of the complex accounting involved in play-for-pay processing, regardless of volume, allowing gamers to focus on the game, without worrying about administrative details. Gamers simply pay a nominal fee any time they want to play, with no need for subscription based fees or memberships. As a result, the market is opened up to a huge new group of players. Fans of any skill game, and any game system, can join or host a paying tournament. Hosting can be provided by ProGaming, or on any third-party server.

In addition, the platform levels the playing field by identifying and ranking players according to previous results, placing them in levels according to their skill. The system is also being designed to detect if a gamer attempts to open new accounts to fool the platform's ranking system. Most importantly, ProGaming has the only online platform able to efficiently handle the rapidly developing volumes of global traffic.

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