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ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) Announces Finalization Of New Multiplayer Rewards-Based Puzzle Game

ProGaming Platforms Corp., developer of a commercial multiplayer online gaming and reward processing platform, today announced the finalizing of its latest product, a pioneering multiplayer puzzle game that is integrating ProGaming's revolutionary platform. The game showcases the company's capability to transform virtually any Web game into a multiplayer competitive game of skill using its versatile platform.

A demonstration of ProGaming's new puzzle game can be seen on the Company's product Web site at the following link:

The focus of the platform will first be on serving the online advertising industry by allowing different organizations to hold multiplayer tournaments for the purpose of increasing traffic to desired Web sites. The next phase of the puzzle game's development will include implementing Facebook API to provide an innovative and interactive rewards-based puzzle gaming experience to users.

ProGaming's new puzzle game enables jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts to take their hobby to a whole new level. With the puzzle game, participants can compete against other players in a race to complete a virtual jigsaw puzzle. Players are rewarded points for each piece they correctly place according to the positioning of the piece. Each puzzle includes a background image to guide players, and when a player successfully places a piece of the puzzle, that piece will "jump" into its correct position on the screens of all participating players, eliminating the puzzle piece from play and awarding points to the player who placed it.

Unique features of ProGaming's puzzle game include a "Scramble" button to aid players when they have a large number of puzzle pieces on the screen - a feature not commonly found in puzzle games; and special puzzle pieces, such as golden pieces, that are worth extra points when a player successfully places them. Features under development include the ability of players to post their scores to Facebook and to invite currently playing users through the Facebook API, as well as transform user scores into Facebook coins. The Company is also developing a Facebook shop that will allow users to purchase various accessories for the puzzle game using their scores, coins or Facebook credits.

"We are very excited about the debut of this new multiplayer puzzle game," stated CTO of ProGaming Platforms Boaz Lowenstein. "This game not only offers an exciting new rewards-based challenge for gamers and puzzle enthusiasts, but it also showcases the exciting capabilities of the ProGaming Platform to turn virtually any Web-based game into a lucrative, rewards-based competitive game of skill."

"With the explosive growth of social networking platforms on the Internet, users are increasingly demanding quality online entertainment that is interactive, fun and challenging. ProGaming's new puzzle game answers that call and more," Lowenstein concluded

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