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Heartland Bridge Capital, Inc. (HLBC) Approves Forward Split Of Common Shares And Name Change To InterCore Energy, Inc.

Heartland Bridge Capital announced that stockholders have approved of a company name change to InterCore Energy, Inc. This change underscores the company's tactical decision to increase the emphasis of its investment, acquisition, and product development efforts in the energy sector.

In support of its new strategic focus, the company announced a 9-for-1 forward split of outstanding common stock. The board and stockholders agree that the forward split is in the best interests of the company. The increase of shares available at the lesser price may be more enticing to potential stockholders.

Both initiatives, the name change and forward split, are expected to become effective in early May.

Heartland Bridge Capital works with emerging companies as an owner, product developer, and investor. HLBC focuses most of their business in the clean energy sector, but also works with companies in the area of life sciences.

"Energy has always been an integral part of our focus and an obvious personal strength," said James F. Groelinger, InterCore's CEO and a highly reputed international energy expert. "We have assembled an excellent portfolio of investments in the life sciences arena since our inception and look forward to maximizing their value to our shareholders. For the longer term, though, we believe that a more intense focus under our new name on the many exciting opportunities in the energy sector will provide returns at least as attractive but with better marketplace understanding and response."

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