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Skinvisible, Inc. (SKVI) Penetrates Multiple Dermatology And Healthcare Product Segments, Driven By Strength Of Invisicare IP Platform

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Skinvisible is the developer of an advanced family of patented polymer delivery technologies with deep impact into multiple segments ranging from prescription dermatology and over-the-counter skincare products, to hospital-related and consumer goods products for a variety of medical conditions. This delivery platform is known as Invisicare® and SKVI operates through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc., as an R&D-focused pharmaceutical developer.

Because the delivery system is so powerful, treatments spanning the gamut, from acne, eczema, warts, and dermatitis, to skin cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-fungal, hand sanitization, sunscreen, pre-surgical prep, and a whole host of other applications are within striking distance. Having successfully benchmarked all of these indications in-house for proof of concept, the company is ready to go to production and commercialization via licensees across the pipeline of products.

Through a sophisticated licensing methodology, SKVI is aggressively carving out a slice of the $65B plus global dermatology and associated markets, licensing prescription and over-the-counter winners with broad market appeal via potential licensees in the sprawling global pharma, cosmetics, skincare, and consumer goods spaces.

So what makes this patented polymer delivery system so special? Invisicare is a unique formulation, based on key IP, which allows topically applied skin products to achieve maximum effectiveness in all desired categories. Carefully engineered to carry active water insoluble, as well as specific cationic (positive ions promoting chain growth polymerization effects) ingredients in a water-based product, without using alcohol, silicones, waves, and other dangerous methods like organic solvents, Invisicare offers a revolutionary vehicle for ingredient delivery.

Products which implement Invisicare technology in the delivery system have the proven ability to bond active ingredients to the skin for periods in excess of four hours, an ideal interval in which time the medicine can do its job, treating the affected tissues, without occluding the skins normal cellular respiration/perspiration cycle.

Products formulated with Invisicare are able to adhere to the outer layers of the skin, forming an ideal bond (providing moisture to the skin while shielding cells against environmental irritants), and stopping typical contact or "wash-off" degradation of the product, a combination which yields optimal delivery of targeted levels of therapeutic/cosmetic skincare agents.

Massive U.S. drug store chain Walgreens carries the Skinvisible-developed Safe 4 Hours First Aid Antiseptic Skin Protectant product, a non-greasy topical application that won't interfere with bandage adhesives, keeps the skin moisturized (soothing the skin and relieving dermal chaffing associated with cuts, scrapes and burns), and prevents infection via a long-lasting antiseptic barrier which doesn't wash off. Another leading example of the power of the Invisicare technology platform is ProCort®, a topical preparation containing hydrocortisone acetate and pramoxine hydrochloride that is ideal for hemorrhoids. A real boon to pregnant mothers, for whom the hemorrhoids associated with pregnancy, can often be a nightmare of daily pain.

No wonder then that innovative specialty pharma developer Women's Choice Pharmaceuticals LLC took a keen interest in the technology/product offering. SKVI recently reported that Women's Choice, who is a licensee (granted exclusive rights to commercialize ProCort in the U.S. back in July of 2011), partnered with Advanced Medical Enterprises, LLC (AME Inc.) to market ProCort throughout the massive Puerto Rican market (population of 3.7M). Women's Choice is a perfect licensee example, with a well-developed sales architecture, whose team touches base with over 30,000 OB/GYNs and selected other medical specialties.

SKVI also achieved another IP milestone recently, with the granting of a patent for their "Sunscreen Composition with Enhanced UVA Absorber Stability and Methods" by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; great news for the company, which has already developed three winning UVA sunscreen offerings (avobenzone in SPF 15, 30 and 50). SKVI's new formulation with avobenzone offers an amazing eight hours of photostability, making it ideal for long duration outdoor use, and what makes the product even more unique in its space, is it is able to lay claim to the UVA protection label, passing the 370 nm wavelength rule set in place by the FDA (SPF only indicates the UVB protection, not the deep-penetrating ultraviolet rays associated with skin cancer and wrinkling).

Yes, thing are really moving forward for SKVI and the company has targeted further expansion into EU markets as well, announcing submission of an Orphan Drug Designation application to the European Medicines Agency for the proprietary formulation of a Netherton Syndrome treatment (a type of ichthyosis, or "scaly skin" disease, usually genetic and characterized by scaly, circular red cell patterns and brittle hair, as well as an increased susceptibility to atopic dermatitis, a similar, chronic skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes).

Skinvisible has an exceptionally useful technology platform in their Invisicare polymer delivery system, with penetration into so many product segments it is dizzying. For more information on Skinvisible, Inc., or to stay up to date with the latest developments, please visit the company's Web site at:

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