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Infrax Systesm, Inc. (IFXY) Introduces SPIDer Detection And Identification Network

Infrax Systems provides unified Smart Grid-related products and services for the energy and utility industries. The company today launched its SPIDer (Secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection) network designed to address the threats of copper theft and malicious attacks on power substations, generation facilities, and critical infrastructure in the electric utility industry.

The Department of Energy reports that copper theft, site destruction, and malicious activity generate theft-related costs up to $1 billion nationwide. However, the DoE reports that costs due to the actual theft of the copper are very small compared to the costs to repair the damage to the equipment and conduct restoration.

That's where SPIDer network steps in. The network solution provides a multi-level approach to intrusion detection and alarming. The SPIDer network consists of three options or levels of detection to identify intruders in areas that are secure and restricted:

• The first level utilizes electronically charged coaxial cables that are attached to chain link fencing, which can detect excessive fence movement that triggers an alarm.

• Level two consists of a battery-operated visual intrusion monitoring network that provides 24/7 monitoring and notification via visual and infrared sensors and transmits images through the internet and email to security personnel, and then sets off an alarm;

• The third level is a multi-level detection and verification network that uses both level one and level two sensors to rapidly identify a potential threat and provide information for a rapid decision to provide a high level of security while minimizing false alarms.

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