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ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) Global Market Approach

ProGaming Platforms, Israel-based designer of one of the world's most advanced multi-player online gaming and reward processing platforms, has a clearly developed plan for its entry into the fast-growing global gaming marketplace. Their product is game-independent, a proprietary online gaming and associated billing platform that allows gamers anywhere in the world to compete with one another in games of skill, with as few or as many players as wanted, keeping accurate track of all players and scores, with the winner collecting the winning money or other rewards. A key differentiator is the system's automatic accounting process, unmatched in the marketplace. Instead of depending upon users' systems self-reporting game results, which is the common approach, the ProGaming platform keeps track of everything, regardless of how many people are playing. The game service provider is relieved of having to act as dispute mediator. The whole thing is independent, objective, and automatic.

ProGaming plans to enter into licensing agreements with online game service providers and website owners worldwide for use of their online gaming platform. Their proposed business model is to charge both one-time license fees for the right to license their software, as well as royalties linked to the number of games played where a player will make a per-game payment to the game's server based upon the level of the player's experience and performance. One of the unique features of the system is its automatic coordination and grouping of players based upon measured skill level, to guard against low-performing players being pitted against the pros.

Regarding intellectual property, the company's approach is to protect their platform with applicable copyright, trade secrecy, trademark, and trade name laws. They may also affect a "new method of business" type of patent, although they state that their business model may be replicated or adapted by competitors over time.

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