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Quantum International Corp. (QUAN) Focuses On Taking Robotics Out Of The Lab And Into The Marketplace

Promising new robotics innovations are poised to improve our lives forever, but as of right now many breakthroughs are still years away from commercial availability. Quantum International is dedicated to changing that. The emerging robotics company is exploring new opportunities to shorten the amount of time it takes for some of the world's most astounding robotics advances to make it to market.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal detailed a new collaboration between researchers at Brown, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the German Aerospace Center that allowed two paralyzed patients to use their thoughts to direct a robotic arm to grasp objects. This incredible advance in the pursuit of restoring some function to people with paralyzed limbs remains years from practical use for people with paralysis or limb loss.

Quantum International aims to help cut the development time between a laboratory breakthrough, like the one profiled in the Journal, to product commercialization. The executive leadership at QUAN has the experience necessary to advance ideas and patents conceived in university labs into new, independent enterprises.

"The technology is already here-we've just got to get it to the marketplace," stated QUAN CEO Robert Federowicz. "We're targeting early-stage innovators and research groups with new innovations ready for commercialization and pursuing joint ventures and other deals that would allow us to fund or secure financing for products that could change the face of medicine in the 21st Century."

"This way, Quantum International can deliver powerful robotics innovations to a hungry marketplace while delivering value to our shareholders," he added.

QUAN plans to announce its initial business targets in the exciting robotics space soon. For more information on Quantum International's robotics initiatives, visit

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