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Sunshine Biopharma, Inc. (SBFM) Announces Better-Than-Expected Results Of Pharmacokinetics Studies For Lead Anti-Cancer Compound

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Sunshine Biopharma announced today that it has completed the pharmacokinetics studies in live rats for its lead anti-tumor compound, Adva-27a. Pharmacokinetics studies deal with the determination of the fate of substances administered to a living organism; more specifically, pharmacokinetics studies deal with the study of the mechanisms of absorption and distribution of an administered drug and the rate at which a drug action begins and the duration of the effect.

Sunshine Biopharma's recently completed pharmacokinetics studies analyzed the properties of Adva-27a and Etoposide in the plasma of live rats under a single intravenous bolus injection. While both had a mean terminal phase plasma half-life of around one hour, Adva-27a produced a 2.8-fold higher plasma initial concentration (C0 = 8779 ng/mL) than Etoposide (C0 = 3183 ng/mL). Additionally, the area under the plasma concentration-versus-time curve for Adva-27a (AUCinf - 2211 hr-ng/mL) was 2.4-times higher than that of Etoposide (AUCinf = 933 hr-ng/mL). Adva-27a, moreover, had a significantly lower plasma clearance rate (CL = 19.0 mL/min/kg) compared to Etoposide (CL = 44.7 mL/min/kg).

The results indicate that Adva-27a's pharmacokinetics profile is significantly better than Etoposide's. This finding, coupled with Sunshine Biopharma's prior observation that Adva-27a can overcome multidrug resistance in breast cancer cells, further confirms the uniqueness of Adva-27a as an anti-cancer compound.

The company is presently conducting the next sequence of steps in its development of Adva-27a, which includes GMP manufacturing, IND-enabling studies, and filing an IND application, followed by phase I clinical trials in humans.

Sunshine Biopharma is a development-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the research, development, and commercialization of drugs for the treatment of various forms of cancer.

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