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Aquentium, Inc. (AQNM.OB) Unleashes The Magic Of Ozone

Aquentium Inc. is leading the charge for food safety by the application of what many consider to be the single most effective weapon, ozone, in dealing with the growing issue of food contamination. As part of that drive, the company, based in Perris, California, just outside of Los Angeles, announced today the opening of an office in Visalia, midway between LA and San Francisco, for the sale and marketing of ozone sanitation equipment and related services, including food safety consulting. The office is being opened with its joint venture partner, Advanced Food Safety International, and will provide a range of options for food processors, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, and even cruise ship lines, seeking safe produce processing and procurement.

Aquentium has developed state-of-the-art systems based upon what they believe to be the best technology out there for combating deadly pathogens, such as e-coli, salmonella, listeria, and other bacteria and viruses that threaten our food supply. The key to system efficiency is ozone, a colorless, odorless reactive gas comprised of three oxygen atoms, which attacks pathogens directly by destroying the cell wall. Pathogens cannot develop resistance to ozone like they can to antibiotics, so there is no danger of developing superbugs.

The advantages of ozone are many. First of all, it is one of the strongest disinfectants in existence, shown to kill bacteria 3,000 times faster than chlorine. Besides bacteria, it is effective against viruses, cysts, protozoa, algae, and fungal pathogens. And yet, in spite of its potency, ozone is safe, producing no harmful by-products (in contrast to chlorine which has been clearly shown to produce carcinogenic byproducts). Ozone dissolved in water reverts to regular oxygen within 20 minutes, with no irritating residue. Rinsing your hands in ozone water will sanitize better than using any chemicals, including soap.

The special advantage of Aquentium’s unique system is that it creates ozone instantly, for disinfecting food handling equipment, hands, and food itself, which is important since ozone water must be used fresh from the tap before the ozone dissipates. And ozone actually works best in cold water, reducing energy costs.

The net result is reduced shrinkage, happier consumers, and bottom line profits from cost savings, along with the most important result of all, ensured food safety.

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