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Sanswire Corp. (SNSR.OB) Delivers SkySat Airship for Global Telesat Corp.

Sanswire Corporation, based in Aventura, Florida, announced today that it has delivered a SkySat airship to Eastcor Engineering facilities in Maryland. Eastcor Engineering is a third party defense contractor that was hired through an agreement between Sanswire and Global Telesat Corporation (GTC) to conduct an inspection on the airship.

Global Telesat, an industry leading provider of asset tracking and monitoring solutions for governments and commercial users, has officially accepted the third party inspection of the airship and should be releasing a final payment for the 126-foot unmanned SkySat airship to Sanswire in the near future. Global had previously issued a down payment to Sanswire with the stipulation of the purchase agreement being that final payment, fulfilling the contract total of $1 million dollars, would be paid upon acceptance of the inspection. The contract was awarded to Sanswire and issued in a press release on April 27, 2010.

Sanswire’s flagship product, Skysat, is a lighter-than-air unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed with the goal of providing Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (NYSEMKT:ISR) support in various applications. Skysat is termed a “mid-altitude” aircraft operating missions between 30,000 feet and 45,000 feet. Bringing together the ingenuity of several world-renowned airship designers, SkySat brings all the advantages of mission variety, complete sensor compatibility and cost effectiveness to customers. Its teardrop design is proprietary property of Sanswire and also unique in that it is powered by a solar-enabled propulsion system that incorporates five independent lifting gas cells.

Appointed as Chairman of the Board for Sanswire in February 2010, Major General Wayne P. Jackson (US Army, Ret.) stated in the press release, “GTC and Sanswire will work closely together over the coming months to expand the airship’s capabilities and prepare it for demonstration to third parties. We strongly believe that our partnership with GTC will improve Sanswire’s ability to reach new customers within the U.S. Federal Government and Department of Defense, and enable us to provide them with low-cost, long-duration intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions.”

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