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NewCardio, Inc. (NWCI.OB) to Offer Live Demo of CardioBip Handheld ECG Monitor

NewCardio, Inc. of Silicon Valley, which is hard at work commercializing a revolutionary new series of electrocardiography (ECG) products for diagnosing the health of the human heart, announced today the showcasing of its Cardio3KG™ (3-D ECG imaging software solution), QTinno™ (QT interval analytical suite), and the unveiling of its new patented, handheld wireless device, the CardioBip™, which can easily be used by anyone and generates the industry standard 12 lead ECG data. Both will be displayed this May 12-15 in booth #2147 at the Heart Rhythm Society’s (NYSE:HRS) 31st Annual Scientific Sessions conference at the Denver Convention Center in Colorado.

The CardioBip is so easy to use it can be carried by the patient, and – using only 3 integrated electrodes – can produce a high-fidelity, 12 lead ECG recording by being held to the chest, unlike competing handhelds, which either are so weak they are mere arrhythmia monitors or require trained personnel. The device will be available at the booth and, on May 13, at the adjacent Hyatt Regency Denver, where attendees will be able to use the device for themselves to see just how easy it is.

The CardioBip is an exciting new product for atrial fibrillation, myocardial ischemia and other cardiovascular events, and tightly integrates with other NWCI products, which will also be on display at the conference, enhancing its real-time analytical functionality.

Cardio3KG software is an intuitive graphical tool for analyzing diagnostically relevant cardiac electrical activity obtained via 12 lead ECG, offering an interactive 3-D model of the heart onto which the data is mapped, and with a suite of sophisticated analytical algorithms, the software is able to generate unprecedented levels of sensitivity and specificity for diagnosing cardiac disease.

QTinno is a software suite that offers an automated, full-spectrum analysis of QT intervals (the time between the start of the Q wave and end of the T wave in the heart’s electrical cycle), and is effectively the most sophisticated and intuitive software environment for drug sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) to automate and reduce the cost of screening for potential cardiac toxicity.

CEO of NWCI, Branislav Vajdic, PhD., noted that the unique features of the CardioBip make it a superior and first-of-its-kind solution, especially when used in conjunction with the Company’s software, and also pointed out that the device represents the culmination of years of work, constituting a clinical leap in technology which will produce a paradigm shift in remote cardiac monitoring.

The HRS is a recognized global leader in the science of cardiac arrhythmia and information on heart rhythm disorders, and acts as an educational resource/advocate for both professionals and patients, through research and activities like the Annual Scientific Sessions, which bring together some 9,000 cardiac pacing and electrophysiology professionals.

The HRS has even selected a report detailing the superior atrial fibrillation (NYSE:AF) monitoring and detection capabilities of NWCI’s CardioBip, to be among the series of oral presentations at the conference, for the new AF detection algorithm which uses the Company’s proprietary 3-D ECG analytical platform.

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