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Envision Solar International, Inc. (EVSI.OB) Implements Solar Grove Clean Energy Solutions for Top U.S. Firms

Envision Solar International, Inc., a global leader in solar solutions which offers planning, architectural services, design services and professional implementation of some of the very finest in long-term customized solar installations for companies seeking a comprehensive sustainability profile, announced solar integrated building solutions today.

Geared towards top US companies looking to improve their renewable energy capacity, the Company is one of the first worldwide to really tackle the millions of acres of unused and underused space dedicated to parking by inventing solar additions and incorporating solar-to-electric charging stations for EVs into their design.

With over 9 MW of installed solar arrays under its belt, EVSI has abundant experience meeting the needs of its global clientele, which include commercial, residential and public sector entities, including global computing solutions provider Dell, where a recent installation (part of Dell’s commitment to sustainability) at their Round Rock, Texas HQ, The Solar Grove®, was ranked #2 on Newsweek’s list of the top 500 most environmentally responsible corporations.

The Solar Grove project at Dell HQ is a truly wonderful idea, using two of the Envision Solar CleanCharge™ solar-to-electric vehicle charging stations and a series of some 516 BP solar PV modules in 11 integrated solar arrays atop masts called Solar Trees® (110.62 kW total) to provide shade for 56 parking spaces while generating roughly 131 kWh/year.

Another Solar Grove (the largest privately-owned solar energy production system in San Diego County), this time at the North American HQ for Kyocera and consisting of 1,400 of Kyocera’s own KC-187G solar PV modules and 200 specially manufactured light-filtering PV modules in 25 Solar Trees (235 kW), form an attractive little techno-copse that functions as a carport, brightening the day of humans who use the site while helping to save the planet.

CEO of EVSI, Bob Noble, reaffirmed the Company’s mission to provide all organizations, large and small, with options for solar solutions, noting the proven track record of EVSI in working with major corporations as evidence of what the Company can do for other organizations throughout the US, and in the larger global marketplace.

This remarkably ingenious and simple design, coupled with EVSI’s proprietary CleanCharge vehicle charging stations, has produced an organic design solution for quick-service restaurant (NYSE:QSR) parking lot infrastructure that incorporates shade plus clean solar charging stations. What better way to attract customers, or provide more than adequate ROI for shareholders, than via a “green” solution that works for humans and vehicles alike.

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