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Wavelink Corp. Teams Up with InfoLogix (IFLG) to Offer New Voice-enabled Mobile Platform for SAP Applications

Wavelink Corp. and InfoLogix, Inc. disclosed details yesterday regarding a new strategic partnership to add voice-enabled mobile solutions to SAP® customer’s warehousing and inventory management transactions, resulting in a hands-free work environment that combines the powerful voice features of the Wavelink® Speakeasy™ with IFLG’s proven SAP solutions to provide for dramatic improvements in accuracy, efficiency and safety while offering new ways to interact with existing SAP applications.

The dynamic Speakeasy platform levels proprietary format and technology barriers with powerful, client-resident text-to-speech/speech-to-text engines, as well as fully automated voice capabilities which function irrespective of the applications, devices, network and server used – making the addition of enterprise-level voice capabilities to existing hardware/software infrastructure easy and delimiting potential interference with fragile, existing business workflows.

Senior VP of IFLG, Brian M. Thorn, pointed to the vast amount of time and effort invested in researching the most comprehensive and flexible SAP supply chain voice solution for easily manipulating SAP modules like Warehouse Management (NYSE:WM) and Extended Warehouse Management (NYSEARCA:EWM), and noted the superiority of the Speakeasy in these categories, as well as ease-of-use and overall functionality.

IFLG’s Global Services Group is expert in helping businesses align every last mission-critical process until the maximum potential operating efficiencies are achieved, exploiting their vast practical expertise with SAP modules WM/EWM to produce the very best full-spectrum solutions for their clients.

President and CEO of 18-year industry veteran Wavelink, Lamar Van Wagenen, acknowledged the “valuable functionality” of this relationship with IFLG and noted in particular the opportunity to expand into new markets that the partnership would forge.

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