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FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI): A Key Player Against Heart Disease

FluoroPharma, a developer of advanced tracing chemicals used with positron emission tomography (PET) to help detect heart disease and other problems, recently received a positive report from Life Tech Capital Institutional Research. The points emphasized on top of the report tell much of the story:

• Three "Shots-on-Goal" in Cardiac PET Imaging

• Cardiac Disease is #1 Killer in U.S. and the World

• Growing M&A Interest in Molecular Imaging Space

The report went on to detail how FluoroPharma is in a good position to meet growing critical needs in healthcare, including their financial position. The primary focus of the report was on FluoroPharma's work with PET tracer chemicals for identifying heart disease, although the company is also now investigating tracers for the early identification of Alzheimer's disease.

Cardiac disease is the world's leading killer, according to the World Health Organization, taking the lives of millions every year, with the exact number varying depending upon what is included in the definition. In developed countries, like the U.S., it takes the highest percentage of lives, with almost a third of all deaths attributable to it.

Although there are continued efforts to address smoking, diet, and exercise, one of the biggest factors in countering the disease is early detection, which is where FluoroPharma comes in. The company's proprietary chemicals allow PET scanners to immediately spot areas of biological activity, at the cellular or even molecular level, that suggest developing cardiovascular disease, long before any symptoms appear. Their tracer chemicals (the "Three Shots on Goal"), BFPET, CardioPET, and VasoPET, are non-invasive imaging agents, allowing doctors and researchers to see the human body, and the heart process, as never before. Early detection will not only save lives, but huge amounts of money in the treatment of heart disease.

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