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ubroadcast, Inc. (UBCI.OB) Appoints New Executives Following Recent Santeon, Inc. Merger

ubroadcast, Inc., – a company sitting on top of technology that effectively spans the gap between traditional network radio/TV and Internet video by allowing users to produce and broadcast live and on demand radio/TV in high-quality – announced today the appointment of new executives following the recent Santeon, Inc. ( merger.

Dr. Ash Rofail was appointed Chairman and CEO, bringing a rich and diverse experience set in executive management, strategy and technology along with his PhD in AI (multiple patent holder) and MS Computer Science to bear on the position, and was (is):

• CTO at User Technology Associates, a 1000-employee, $100M software consultancy firm where he provided technical leadership and was technology strategist
• Chief Architect at Best Software (later acquired by Sage), where his visionary technical expertise led to several, highly-successful products
• Product Architect at Solomon/Great Plains
• Author of 6 books on topics like XML, .NET, COM/DCOM, n-Tier App Design and Service Oriented Architectures
• 13-year veteran leading the enterprise software community as a member of Microsoft’s Visual Basic advisory board
• Johns Hopkins University School of Business, Adjunct Professor

Mr. Douglas Hay was appointed President and COO, and comes to the position with over 30 years experience developing and growing brand identity, and nurturing companies with circumspect guidance from startup to established status, and was (is):

• Co-Founder and COO of (later acquired by Compaq for $280M cash)
• VP Marketing and Director at Lucky Stores/Northern Automotive, an 875-store, $900M revenue retail company
• Founder and CEO of Order, a privately owned computer software and electronic retailing outfit based in Phoenix, AZ
• President and COO at NRG Resources, a green/alternative energy company located in California
• COO and active Principal at ABV Group, a North American consortium based in California which funds or acquires, and then grows, retail and manufacturing companies
• Board of Directors Member at Phoenix Technology Centers, Performers Supply Inc. and IDT Media Group
• Consultant for multiple leading retail and consumer operations, providing expertise in corporate structure, finance, marketing, merchandising and operations

Dr. Ahmed Sidky was appointed VP of Product and Service Delivery, and comes to the role as a respected Agile (a specific designation for the development methodology process used to engineer the code) software developer, being well-respected in the community and bearing a PhD in value-based process frameworks for Agile. Widely referred to as “Dr. Agile” due to his development of the free, online and widely popular assessment tool for agile readiness named Doctor Agile (, and a frequent speaker and author of books on the subject, Dr. Sidky is something of a guru and has trained many of the developers in the world’s top companies like Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Raytheon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Vodafone and Yahoo.

Dr. Ash Rofail characterized the post-merger positioning of the Company as being significantly improved with respect to several strategic markets, due in large part to the all-star executive team, and said he looked forward to sharing in the benefits to shareholders and customers alike that will come with the imminent growth of the business.

Co-founder of UBCI, John Castiglione, called the addition of these new team members a milestone event in the history of the Company, indicating both his pleasure at working with people of such high caliber, and his certainty that their collective experience, connections and capability will produce unprecedented success.

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