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ProGraming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) Addresses Unmet Needs In A Growing Industry

The computer games industry is now bigger than the U.S. music and movie industries combined. Online gaming itself is a $15 billion per year industry, and continues to grow. ProGaming Platforms, creators of a new online gaming technology that automates all accounting and allows gamers to compete worldwide, offers investors a way of getting into this rising market. The company, or rather its platform, is unique in the industry:

• A patent-pending platform that addresses unmet needs of gamers and hosts

• Levels the playing field, by automatically ranking and matching player based upon previous results

• Provides superior gamer experience, reducing player complaints and conflicts

• Works with any third-party server and any online skill game

• Can be applied to any existing billing system

Until now, the Internet has not been able to efficiently and smoothly allow players to be rewarded monetarily on a game-by-game, tournament-by-tournament, campaign-by-campaign basis. ProGaming meets that need by removing the obstacles to easy play and transaction.

First of all, the ProGaming platform gets rid of the need for subscription-based fees or memberships, allowing anybody to sign up for a single game if they want, opening the market to a whole new audience. ProGaming also does away with the hassles and potential conflicts of individual accounting, by handling all of the accounting quickly and accurately, from pinpoint scorekeeping and monitored league tables, to the instant transfer of winnings to the victor via their choice of all prevalent electronic billing methods. In addition, the system tracks past performance of players, to avoid the mixing of mismatched skill levels, thus providing safe entry for novice players, including a way of preventing previous players from entering under a new name.

The ProGaming platform and service can be hosted on ProGaming's own server, for individuals and tournament organizers. It can be leased to gaming communities for their own hosting with a profit-share model available, or is available through outright acquisition.

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