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Tootie Pie Company, Inc. (TOOT.OB) Continues Growth through Distribution Agreements; Posts Seventh Straight Month with Increasing Sales Year Over Year

Tootie Pie Company, Inc., baker and seller of high-quality, handmade pies, announced today that they once again, for the seventh straight month, seen an increase in sales year over year. For the month ending April 31, 2010, sales increased 13% versus sales ending the same time in 2009. This is following the news in April where it was disclosed that March sales were up 27% year over year.

Don Merrill, President and CEO of Tootie Pie, commented on the successful reports in the press release by stating, “Coming on the heels of a 27% gain for March, I am very pleased with another solid monthly gain. Seven consecutive months of sales increases speaks well to the ongoing success of our marketing strategies,” Mr. Merrill further stated, “I continue to be impressed with the number of pies sold through our Tootie Pie Gourmet Cafés. In fact, we use our Cafés as examples to our wholesale customers.”

Tootie Pie has been announcing many distribution agreements recently. Several large agreements have received press in the last 30 days. 8 days ago, they announced that their pies will now be sold at Six Flags theme park in San Antonio, TX. Mr. Merrill stated, “These high profile venues expose our pies to thousands of tourists. Six Flags is another example of how high profile customers help more customers become familiar with the Tootie Pie brand, in this case by showcasing our pies to a cross section of consumers willing to pay extra for quality.”

Earlier this month, Tootie Pie announced that their pies will soon be sold at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa. This is the only Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Oklahoma and the seventh in the world. In April, adding to their recent distribution agreements, Shorty Small’s restaurant chain agreed to carry the Tootie Pie Co.’s line of freshly baked pies on its menus. Shorty Small’s operates a total of eight locations in Little Rock, Ark.; Oklahoma City; Branson, Mo.; and Wichita, Kan. Shorty Small’s is a dine-in restaurant chain that sells brisket, catfish, pulled pork, ribs, steaks and barbecue.

On top of the agreements with the household names of Six Flags, The Hard Rock and Shorty Smalls, on April 22nd, Tootie announced that they had come to terms with Ben E. Keith Foodservice in Oklahoma City, OK. Through this agreement, Tootie landed 43 new restaurant customers throughout Oklahoma.

Based in Bourne, TX, Tootie has been taking the Midwest by storm with their homemade pies recently. More information about Tootie Pie Company can be derived from visiting their website at

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