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International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) Ramps Up Marketing For Lifeline Skin Care

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International Stem Cell Corporation, developer of the parthenogenesis process for generating stem cells without the need for fertilized embryos, has announced new sales and marketing initiatives for its stem cell based skin care products produced through subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care. New integrated advertising campaigns will be launched during June and July, in magazines, newspapers, and through direct mail, as well as online. Additional moves are being made through partners and other channels.

• Consumer Advertising - The online, newspaper, magazine, and direct mail campaigns will feature Lifeline's innovative stem cell technology and proof of the brand's potential for younger looking skin. Although the ads will eventually be national in reach, the first few months will be devoted to optimizing the creative approach, targeting, frequency, timing, positioning, offer, and ROI.

• Key Opinion Leader and Peer Group Influencer - Elizabeth K. Hale, MD, one of the nation's top dermatologists, is now endorsing Lifeline Skin Care to both consumer and trade audiences. Dr. Hale is an Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at New York University, a private practitioner and a guest of the Doctor Oz show, the Today Show, and Good Morning America. During the week of June 4 she met with beauty editors for Prevention, Health, Town and Country, Allure,, and InStyle, to present Lifeline Skin Care and its unique technology. The endorsement of a leading dermatologist should not only enhance the credibility of the brand but increase its visibility.

• Strategic Partners - Email campaigns through strategic partners have been very successful at marketing Lifeline products. To expand that effort, several new key opinion leaders have now agreed to endorse Lifeline Skin Care to their social networks, including Mrs. Jeri Thompson, a conservative spokesperson, radio and TV guest, and advocate for non-embryonic stem cell research; and authors, experts, and media personalities in the areas of women's health, yoga, cosmetic dentistry, and retirement planning. Many of these partners plan to market Lifeline through their social network (email marketing, blogs, Facebook, etc.) as well as through personal and radio appearances. Most of these campaigns will launch during the third quarter.

• Professional Channels - During the week of June 12, Lifeline is launching two campaigns directed to 27,000 cosmetic dermatologists and day spas. These campaigns are focused on providing information to skin care professionals, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons, to understand and embrace the significance and value of stem cell extracts for skin rejuvenation.

Newly appointed President and CEO of Lifeline Skin Care, Donna Queen, said: "We intend to take the leadership role and intend to make Lifeline own the stem cell skin care category."

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