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eDoorways Corp. (EDWY.PK) Continues Adding Promised Features

eDoorways Corp., the rapidly developing vendor/consumer online network, has moved to a new and quicker pace for adding functionality to its site. As promised in their last shareholder conference call, they have initiated smaller releases to get requested features out more quickly without having to wait for completion of a larger release.

Using this new approach, they’ve recently added offline text message notification, one of the most important new features. It allows vendors who cannot be online at all times to be automatically notified if someone on the eDoorways site has selected them to join a conversation. This new functionality is easily turned on or off by selecting the text messaging option on the Account Settings page. It also allows you to specify multiple delivery methods, such as text, email, or even Twitter notification. The new feature should significantly increase the value of eDoorways to smaller vendors who don’t always have access to a computer.

Offline notification comes into play in two situations. If a user does a search and selects to chat with you, but you are offline, the chat request notification will be sent to you. And if you are engaged in a conversation, and log off while leaving it open in your conversations panel, you will receive an offline notification.

Also, if you happen to be offline when somebody requests a chat, the chat will be listed in your conversations window when you log in. This ensures that you won’t forget about earlier requests when you finally get to a computer.

Another new feature is the addition of time stamps to chat entries, which provides improved context to the conversation, allowing you to see how long it has been since the last comment.

All of this represents important new ways that eDoorways is increasing its value to small vendors. They’ve also released a number of minor bug fixes, and have improved their ability to monitor the site. They plan to continue with these small releases as they move toward their Q2 milestones.

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