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Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH.OB) Uses Unique Combination of Strengths to Grow Its Position in the Global Financial Marketplace

Consorteum Holdings Inc., a diverse global financial transactions solution provider, offers electronic transaction processing and management services to financial institutions, healthcare, government, public and private sector companies. Their strength rests in the variety of their offerings and their ability to customize, together with their wide ranging expertise and connections within the global financial community. For their clients, the result is greater efficiency, reduced costs, increased revenue, and more opportunity to focus on core competencies.

Consorteum is not locked into a restrictive set of technologies. Their comprehensive familiarity with the financial, payment, and transaction processing industries, along with associated technologies and regulations, gives the company a great deal of flexibility to seek out and choose the optimum solution for its customers. This represents a primary differentiator for Consorteum in the marketplace. It means smarter and faster deployment, better pricing, and a more satisfactory overall solution.

• Consulting Services – full requirements and needs analysis, project planning, execution, and final delivery
• Turnkey Solutions – complete range of options, including outsourced or fully integrated turnkey business solutions
• Project Management – working closely with the client throughout the entire project lifecycle, from planning and initiation, through completion and follow-up

One of the best moves the company has made is to always focus on repeat-transaction oriented processing. It’s an approach that provides ongoing benefits for Consorteum as well as for the client. Consorteum is also careful to minimize the revenue contribution required for customer deployments, reducing the risks while leveraging financial resources.

Most importantly, the company strongly promotes a culture of customer satisfaction, never sacrificing product quality for the sake of short term gain. As part of this, Consorteum always performs in-depth due diligence on all upcoming projects so that every approved initiative has the full understanding and support of everyone involved. In addition, the company is careful to retain full project control, even after deployment, ensuring the highest performance standards.

Consorteum’s basic strategy is to use the above unique combination of business qualities to become a dominant provider in the payment and transaction processing industry throughout North America and the world.

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