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eDoorways Corp. (EDWY.PK) Tightens Its Operational Focus to Accelerate Growth

eDoorways Corp., the innovative new vendor/consumer online social network, has taken steps recently to increase its focus on what it considers to be the most important elements of its development. Specifically, as the company continues to grow through these early and critical stages, it recognizes the need to minimize administrative distractions, allowing it to better devote resources to product improvement and releases. The goal is to accelerate the introduction of eDoorways to the marketplace where it can generate revenue.

One of the things they’ve done is file Form 15 with the SEC, which temporarily removes filing pressures while still allowing the company to continue filing any time it wants. The move frees up manpower and financial resources, though the company made clear that it does not in any way constitute a change from their current operational status. Daily trading will continue as usual, and eDoorways has no intention of going private or taking a voluntary de-listing.

eDoorways has also begun to spread out their feature release schedule, so that releases are more frequent. The idea is to get new functionalities out to the public as quickly as possible, without having to wait for a major release. For example, they recently added the important offline text message notification feature, allowing vendors who cannot always be online the assurance that they will get notified if someone on the eDoorways site selects them to join a conversation. eDoorways has gotten a favorable response to their new PowerKey Channels, where vendors can pay for keywords used in consumer searches, and the company sees an opportunity to make significant inroads in a short amount of time. CorkSport, an international automotive aftermarket specialty company, is the first PowerkKey Channel client.

eDoorways Chairman and CEO, Gary Kimmons, said of the strategy, “We currently have several PowerKey Channel opportunities similar to CorkSport which will bring in a significant number of users. We believe it’s imperative to spend our capital on getting the product out and attaining profitability. We believe that building traffic and generating revenue are the most important things we can be doing. When those are achieved, all good things are possible.”

The company believes that preserving cash, while continuing to enhance their product and build the business, is where they should direct their focus. As they meet those objectives, the plan is to include financial reports to the SEC. At that time, the company’s financials and corporate valuation could earn them entry into one of the higher markets.

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