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Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV.PK) SpaCapsule Sees Increased Adoption by Medical Practices for its Powerful De-Stressing Capabilities

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc., – developers of the innovative SpaCapsule® de-stressing aqua massage device which stands to revolutionize stress-related aspects of medicine and also offers businesses a powerful new way to attract tons of wellness-minded consumers, is quickly becoming a staple of major nodes in the network of businesses that make up the medical market:

• Cellulite Reduction and Weight Loss
• Chiropractic Offices
• Dental Spas
• Massage for Cancer Patients
• Massage Therapist Offices (similar to Massage Envy Franchise)
• Medical Spas
• Nursing Homes (halting/remediating Decubitus Ulcers/Bed Sores)
• Physical Therapy or PT Offices
• Plastic Surgeons
• Rehabilitation and Pain management Clinics
• Spinal Decompression Practices

So many aspects of conditions which medicine treats are understood to be coming from a buildup of stress over a long period of time. Health and wellness providers are quickly keeping pace and see the SpaCapsule as a perfect solution for de-stressing and therapeutic applications that also simultaneously attracts new business because it is so cool and fun to use.

Indeed, as Stanford University Professor of Biological Science and Neuroscience, Robert M. Sapolsky recently noted, a “critical shift in medicine” itself is taking place around the concept of stress-related or induced disease as a cumulative phenomenon – for which the best cure is preventative de-stressing or delimiting of stress.

While we may not be able to avoid stress, we certainly can treat stress and the SpaCapsule offers a powerful and comprehensive suite of relaxation capabilities to do just that. From the computer-automated, precision dry aqua-massage (which simulates a real massage flawlessly) to the aromatherapy and audio visual relaxation systems, the SpaCapsule is a powerful, ultra-modern and self-contained oasis for the senses.

The SpaCapsule is beautiful and aesthetically customizable. Its mere presence in any practice, irrespective of specialty, draws in customers. Moreover, the ability to offer an awesome SpaCapsule Massage as a perk or as part of a package gives practices access to a 25% increased median net income according to a recent Chiropractic Economics study.

Investment in the SpaCapsule is less than $20/day, meaning it would only take the reimbursement from three patients for as little as $10 per 10-minute session to become handsomely profitable. The ability to offer advanced treatment parameters while drawing in new business and generating $13k/year gross on as little as five patients per day makes the SpaCapsule a sound investment for many businesses.

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