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ERF Wireless, Inc. (ERFB) Introduces A GPS-Based E911 Solution For Oil And Gas Clients To Safeguard Remote Drilling Operations

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ERF Wireless, through its subsidiaries (Energy Broadband Inc., ERF Enterprise Network Services, ERF Wireless Bundled Services, ERF Wireless Messaging Services, and ERF Network Operations) has developed an impressive array of wireless broadband technologies/service offerings, including the biggest terrestrial wireless network in the country for handling the needs of the oil and gas exploration sector, announced a specialized, GPS-based e911 system for their wireless network services today via subsidiary Energy Broadband.

With a majority of revenue streaming in directly from providing mission critical, terrestrial wireless broadband communications to domestic oil and gas rigs operating in remote areas, this awesome new feature brings a whole new meaning to the phrase that is typically used to describe the company's already widely acclaimed services (including VoIP), "best of class."

It cannot be stressed how important emergency 911 is for these kinds of remote operations. There are often no marked roads or at best a newly cut work road; typically there isn't even a physical address, making emergency relief via standard 911 unavailable (even if there is a physical address it probably won't be located on any available map). But now that this breakthrough technological advancement is being rolled out, we have real-time GPS coordination that is extensible to a variety of mapping methods, making it very simple to provide (often potentially life-saving) support for protecting rig-site workers.

Talk about a huge draw for oil and gas developers, this e911 system that marries the VoIP telephones already deployed on the work site to dispatch-ready GPS capabilities closes the loop between accident/injury and care, one of the biggest concerns for any developer doing business at a remote (often dangerous or difficult) location. The ability to provide this umbrella of protection for workers, where it was previously not available or possible, will draw in even more of the sector to EFRB, helping to cement the company's already strong market position.

CEO of EFRB, Dr. Dean Cubley, sighted this latest development as a clear indication to oil and gas developers that the company remains committed to providing the premier communication services envelope to their rapidly growing customer base.

One can easily imagine site foremen breathing a sigh of relief, knowing that when and if the unthinkable happens, emergency services are just a phone call away and the personnel can get right to them with any simple GPS-enabled device using those coordinates. The name ERF Wireless should spread ever more rapidly throughout the sector as a result of this advancement. The broader enterprise, commercial, and residential markets served both domestically and internationally by the company and its subsidiaries are well aware of this tireless drive for innovation by ERFB.

ERFB management has 40 years of work in wireless broadband, as well as network integration, triple-play FTTH (fiber to the home), IPTV, and sophisticated content delivery methods. Employing bleeding-edge technology and the company's proprietary CryptoVue® Network Security Appliance, ERFB has already made big waves in the banking industry (over 100 locations across three states), where the competitive edge the company is able to assert has crushed expensive T1 telephony solutions. Initiatives like the recent expansion of the product portfolio to include luxury resort community-targeted triple-play Voice, Video, and Internet system, combined with a rich menu of wireless broadband services, has enabled ERFB to create a dynamic, appealing turnkey solution that can be rolled out to global markets with ease.

Yes, the already impressive wireless network coverage available to customers in hydrocarbon rich development areas like Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana has just gotten much safer and much better, thanks to ERFB.

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