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East Coast Diversified Corp. (ECDC.OB) Rolls Out Full-Spectrum RFID/GPS Container Tracking and Security System

East Coast Diversified Corp.’s tracking and security via RFID, GPS and emergent technologies company, EarthSearch Communications – showcased the rollout of its hardware-level integrated GPS/RFID/GPRS TrailerSeal reusable padlocking system for shipping containers today.

This innovative system addresses the gap in securing the nation’s shipping infrastructure and ports in one fell swoop by providing a single, reusable lock that bundles all the necessary technologies into one and enables real-time remote tracking.

TrailerSeal makes it possible to generate readily interpretable analyses of an organization’s entire RFID tagged asset and container infrastructure by harnessing built-in business logic and intelligence to secure containers, either while moving or at a fixed location, thus rendering continuous visibility to the user.

By feeding real-time event and location data into EarthSearch’s proprietary, enterprise-class and web-based Global Asset Tracking & Identification System (GATIS), which utilizes an integrated Geographic Information System (NYSE:GIS) as well as GPS, RFID and other sensor data, the GATIS is able generate a full-spectrum asset and business management solution.

The GATIS environment offers a sophisticated yet intuitive user interface which is accessible from most browsers and offers a powerful way to immediately identify unauthorized access or undocumented stops.

TrailerSeal is able to manage remote events via GATIS, and to translate data based on user-designated business logic; the system can even be programmed to communicate at specific times of day, and is powered by heavy-duty, 90-day, rechargeable lithium batteries.

The RFID lets shippers encode data, allowing the TrailerSeal to log activity and provide real-time remote manifest lookups. When combined with GATIS, the entire package constitutes an ideal solution for maintaining total business space situational awareness and control.

Chairman and CEO of EarthSearch, Kay Aladesuyi, called the system a triumph of the Company’s drive to provide real solutions for continuous visibility of containers and shipping modules, stating his firm belief that TrailerSeal’s ability to secure assets and provide such continuous visibility is the foundation of supply chain globalization.

Aladesuyi concluded by saying that both shippers and manufacturers benefit tremendously from the system’s implementation, as they are able to categorically provide a level of security, awareness and authentication irrespective of where the asset is on earth.

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