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Aquentium, Inc. (AQNM.OB) Announces Texas Distributorship Opportunities

Yesterday, Aquentium, Inc. announced that they are now offering distributorships in the State of Texas. These distributorships are for the Company’s water and air treatment and food safety equipment. The Aquentium complete line of commercial ozone equipment is an alternative to chemicals for disinfection of both air and water.

The Aquentium ozone equipment extends the shelf life of fresh food naturally. It does so without the use of chemicals. The use of ozone in the food industry has approval by the USDA and FDA. It is also approved for organic certification. The uniqueness of the Aquentium equipment is that ozone is over 50 percent more effective than chemicals. It is also more than 3,000 times faster acting than chemicals. Ozone is also safer for workers since there are no chemicals to handle.

Ozone generates from oxygen and is non-toxic. Ozone eliminates or reduces pathogens. It accomplishes this by destroying the cell wall. Pathogens cannot develop resistance to ozone as they can to antibiotics. Therefore, there is no danger of developing superbugs through the use of ozone.

Aquentium, Inc. President, Mr. Mark Taggatz, stated, “Our ozone systems are designed to certainly increase bottom line profits for all food and beverage processors, as well as restaurants and hotels in the State of Texas.”

The Company believes that they have better technology to combat e-coli, salmonella, listeria and other bacteria or viruses. The design of Aquentium non-chemical sanitation equipment is for both cost savings and improved safety standards for food and beverage processors, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and schools.

In addition, yesterday, Aquentium, Inc. announced that they will be holding an open house on Monday July 12, 2010 from 1 to 5pm at their offices in Perris, California. This is to discuss their current waste-to-energy and algae biofuel alternative energy projects. The Company recently signed a power purchase agreement to provide electricity to a municipality in the Shandong Province of China from the conversion of waste-to-energy. The Company is also pursuing the development of an algae bio-fuel project.

Aquentium, Inc.’s dedication is to bringing energy saving solutions and technologies to companies and countries around the world. The Company engages in waste-to energy, alternative energy, water treatment, non-chemical sanitation equipment, structural insulated building panels, affordable housing, and re-deployable / emergency housing. They also engage in an ongoing effort to acquire or invest in new technologies or businesses.

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