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USA Recycling Industries, Inc. (USRI) Tackles Waste Material To Help Environment

|Includes: USA Recycling Industries, Inc. (USRI)

USA Recycling Industries, established in 2000, has spent the last 12 years collecting, recycling, and disposing of waste materials for the automotive service center industry. A holding company operating through many company-owned specialty recycling centers, USRI eliminates the burden of getting rid of waste materials such as tires, oil filters, scrap metal, batteries, and much more.

USRI has a simple business model; the company buys waste material from auto service centers and resells it to companies who can treat the materials in an environmentally friendly way, giving the products a second life and destination beyond a landfill. USRI's portfolio of services includes removal and recycling of the following products:

• Scrap metal: USRI's recycling centers purchase scrap metal, sort it, and then resell it to an end-user consumer such as a steel mill, foundry, or smelter. These companies then turn the scrap into new metal products;

• Tires: USRI purchases used tires in accordance with all applicable laws and disposes of them to tire recycling facilities, who then create new rubber products;

• Used motor oil: via a vendor partnership with Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC (NASDAQ: HCCI), USRI collects used motor oil by the gallon and sells to motor oil re-refinery operations who give it a second-life as a new oil product;

• Lubricants: as with the used motor oil services, USRI operates through Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC to turn waste lubricants into something useful and non-hazardous to the environment;

• Oil filters: a waste material with huge recycling potential, used oil filter numbers in the United States reach 425 million each year. USRI is committed to recycling these filters in an effort to recover as much reusable scrap metal as possible.

• Batteries: USRI also purchases used auto batteries by the pound, and then resells to battery manufacturers who turn them into new auto batteries. Consumers purchase about 3 billion auto batteries per year, and USRI's recycling efforts keep the toxic wastes associated with them out of the landfills and our environment.

The company also provides export trading and fuel oil delivery services. Currently, all collected recyclable waste materials are sold to end-user-consumers through the USRI's export trading operations in North America, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

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