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eDoorways Corp. (EDWY.PK) Boosts Investor Communications with InvestorsVoice

eDoorways Corp. recently announced that it has engaged InvestorsVoice, Inc. to assist in its ongoing efforts to communicate with the investment community. InvestorsVoice is a multi-faceted investor relations, communications, and public relations firm based in Houston, Texas.

The agreement calls for InvestorsVoice to provide existing and potential investors the opportunity to learn more about eDoorways, either directly or through investment advisors. Information provided will relate to the company’s management and its strategy, with the immediate goal of developing and producing investor relations material.

The tremendous number of investment related information sources currently available on the Internet, including social networking conversations, allows investors to evaluate opportunities in many new and different ways. At the same time, the sheer volume of outlets has made it more complex for businesses to reach out to investors. InvestorsVoice simplifies these efforts, helping to manage and prioritize investor communication options to better communicate with and engage the investment community.

As part of this, InvestorsVoice is now utilizing eDoorways Powerkey technology, with an InvestorsVoice IR Channel, available at

eDoorways CEO, Gary Kimmons, said, “We are very excited about utilizing InvestorsVoice resources to build a strong shareholder value. We will be capitalizing on InvestorsVoice know-how and experience to get the necessary awareness about our company out to our shareholders and investment community.”

InvestorsVoice Sr. VP, Robert Adams, added, “The objective of our Investor Relations service is to create shareholders by helping businesses improve their companies’ findability, versus traditional approaches to marketing — which merely solicit investors through interrupt-based outreach efforts. The InvestorsVoice IR approach helps companies shift from telling investors what they need, to helping them find what they want.”

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