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Applied Visual Sciences, Inc. (APVS) Is “One To Watch”

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, Applied Visual Sciences is an image analysis software technology company. The company has developed intelligent, next-generation imaging analytics and informatics technologies for the extraction, analysis, and detection of objects-of-interest within any digital image format (still or video).

The company's advanced image analysis engine can unlock hidden intelligence and identify the targeted objects of interest. It can do this whether the images are generated by a digital camera embedded in a cell phone, or complex multi-spectral images captured by satellites.

Applied Visual Sciences machine recognition algorithms expand the constraints on human vision by detecting and defining characteristics in the image that the human eye cannot see. These machine recognition algorithms present the unseen data in ways that accelerate the speed of decision-making. The fundamentals of the company's algorithmic approach are straightforward, proven, and patented. The core analytical process uses a series of iterative transformations and convolutions that can be applied sequentially or in parallel. In these sequences, the output of one process is the source of the next process.

The company also has their Automatic Target Recognition (NYSE:ATR) technology. The focus is adding vision to security imaging. They offer the target recognition capabilities of PinPoint™, the advanced threat detection software developed by their wholly owned subsidiary Guardian Technologies International. PinPoint (employing the company's core algorithmic technologies) has a number of homeland security applications. These include checkpoint baggage screening, body scanning, liquid explosives detection, IED detection, satellite image screening, border checkpoints, and hyperspectral imaging analysis.

For infectious diseases, Applied Visual Sciences has their Signature Mapping TBDx™ developed by their wholly owned subsidiary Signature Mapping Medical Sciences. This is a fully automated slide management system. It eliminates the requirement for a person to look at slides through a microscope.

For breast cancer, the company has Signature Mapping™, developed by their wholly owned subsidiary Signature Mapping Medical Sciences. It delivers sophisticated image analysis processes that provide enhanced visualization capabilities and automated detection algorithms. This is to help prevent unnecessary biopsies. It accomplishes this while flagging previously unseen lesions for additional review. On March 23, 2012, Applied Visual Sciences established a new entity - Instasis Imaging, Inc. - for the development, marketing, and sales of a suite of imaging analytic applications for the automated detection of breast cancer.

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