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eDoorways Corp. (EDWY.PK) Strengthens Role of PowerChannels

eDoorways Corp., a fast growing online combination of social network and vendor marketplace, anticipates a strong second half of 2010, based largely on increasing demand for PowerChannels.

eDoorways PowerChannels are essentially highly focused, collaborative social networks that are formed to accomplish a specific communication objective that can be business-oriented, recreational, or purely personal. It complements the overall goal of eDoorways, to provide focused communities where members with similar interests can communicate, while drawing upon the resources of vendors and independent experts. This gives vendors a unique environment for honest two-way communication with the marketplace, growing their standing in the community far more effectively than by simple advertising.

The first half of the year has seen continued expansion of website functionality, including the deployment of PowerChannels as a major opportunity for growth and revenue. Software is continually being enhanced to process subscription revenue as well as payments made for Powerkey notification, in addition to the processing of ecommerce transactions.

PowerChannels also represent a mechanism to encourage viral expansion, as word spreads about specific communities. An example is CorkSport, a web-based Mazda high-performance parts and service business that is in the process of bringing thousands of its clients into its own PowerChannel. As a result, PowerChannels are now an integral part of eDoorways’ business plan and sales rollout strategy, and demand is growing.

Other areas of activity include the company’s largest client, ISTEC (Ibero-American Science, Technology and Education Consortium), which is in the first stage of migrating its many members to the eDoorways platform. ISTEC enjoys a strong working alliance with two international organizations, both of which have global conferences later this year that eDoorways will attend.

eDoorways CEO, Gary Kimmons, spoke of upcoming events. “We have three major events for which we are planning. First, we have the COMCYT-OAS meeting in Washington, DC starting September 9th. Then, the World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) will be held in Singapore beginning October 17th. Then, on November 29th, the ISTEC General Assembly will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil. These are all key events that we intend to leverage to increase membership and participation in the eDoorways platform.”

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