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Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO.OB) Reports Stimulating Follow-Up Data to Clinical Trials for its Brain Cancer Treatment

|Includes: Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NWBO)

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. ( today (Tuesday, August 3) reported some excellent long-term follow-up data related to previous Phase I and Phase I/II clinical trials for its DCVax®-Brain personalized immune therapy, which was devised for the most aggressive and lethal brain cancer ever seen, the newly diagnosed Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

The Company is a development-stage biotech pioneer specializing in immunotherapy that utilizes proprietary techniques for activating the immunological system of the patient. Such technology is a powerful step forward for oncology applications and cancer patients alike.

The data coming in looks really good:

• No patient deaths in the nine months since the last data update (September 2009 – July 1, 2010)
• Median survival rate of three years
• 33% of patients reached the four-year mark
• 27% reached the six-year mark
• Longest surviving patient has now exceeded 10 years

CEO of NWBO, Dr. Al Boynton, called the extended survival rate of patients who received DCVax® in the trials an encouraging sign that the non-toxic and injectable DCVax® product truly does represent a major breakthrough for sufferers of this scourge.

GBM is extremely lethal and spreads rapidly. Even with the best of standard treatments, like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, newly diagnosed patients’ median survival rate is an alarming 14.6 months, with less than 5% alive after only five years.

This personalized vaccine is quite revolutionary in terms of its ability to provoke immunological response by the host, restoring the order which cancer itself violates by its very existence and allowing the body to identify and attack cancer.

DCVax®-Brain is made of the patients own dendritic cells, which are control cells for immunological response “programmed” to mobilize the entire immune system to correctly identify and attack cancerous cells bearing biomarkers of the patient’s own tumor.

Contemporary treatment involves surgical removal of the tumor and taking of blood to obtain the immune cells.

The proprietary NWBO technology basically employs exposing immune cells to cancer tissue from the tumor under controlled conditions.

The Company has perfected a special means of “educating” or “programming” the cells, which are then injected back into the patient in order to stimulate the immunological response and prevent tumors from forming.

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