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3DIcon Corp. (TDCP.OB) to Present at SPIE Security & Defence 2010 International Symposium in France

3DIcon Corporation announced on Friday that the Company will present a paper entitled “A Technique for Flicker Reduction in a Volumetric Three-dimensional Display with a Static Image Space.” They will present this to the SPIE Security & Defence 2010 International Symposium to be held in Toulouse, France, from September 20 to 23, 2010. SPIE’S conference is called Europe’s largest and most prestigious security and defence event.

Martin Keating, 3DIcon Corporation’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are honored to be selected to make this presentation. It will give us the opportunity to explain and discuss the improvements we have made to our flagship technology, CSpace®.”

CSpace® provides true, full-color, high-resolution, volumetric 360-degree, three-dimensional images without any viewing aids such as special glasses. CSpace® is the first proven technology of its kind that has no mechanical moving parts.

Martin Keating added, “We continue to make significant progress in our pursuit of potential partners in furtherance of our goal of the commercialization of CSpace in a variety of applications. As we have said before, 3D display systems developed using CSpace will have the potential to enhance significantly such applications as medical imaging, surgical planning, full-body scans, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, military command and control, baggage and cargo scanning, and entertainment.”

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 3DIcon Corporation is a developer of innovative 3D projection and display technologies. The design of these is to produce full color, 360-degree volumetric images, the “Next Step” in 3D display technologies. The Company’s mission is to surpass current 3D technologies by creating true-to-life 3D images that occupy a 3D space and appear solid as viewed from any angle without any special viewing aids. The projection is that the commercial applications for 3D imaging technologies will approach a market size of well over $1 billion by 2011.

3DIcon has completed a working prototype of their flagship technology, CSpace®, a breakthrough in 3D imaging. In addition, the Company has launched their first software product, Pixel Precision®. This product focuses on the research and development (R&D) market for developers using Texas Instruments’ DLP® line of products.

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