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Vision Industries, Corp. (VIIC.OB) is “One to Watch”

Vision Industries Corp. is a provider of hydrogen fuel cell/plug-in electric powered vehicles and turnkey hydrogen fueling systems. The Company’s proprietary hydrogen fuel cell/plug-in electric drive system combines the superior acceleration of a battery powered electric vehicle with the extended range provided by a hydrogen fuel cell. The Company trades on the OTC Bulletin Board and they have their headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Vision Industries Corp. uses major manufacturers as partners or sub contractors to produce their vehicles. Therefore, they avoid significant outlays of startup capital. Many regional, state, and federal alternative energy programs consisting of grants, subsidies, tax credits, and loans exist or are planned.

The Company’s Tyrano™ truck is the world’s first hybrid plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy-duty class 8 truck. It features zero emissions, reduced operating cost, and high-level performance. The Vision heavy-duty class trucks are significantly less expensive to operate on a per mile basis than diesel and natural gas powered trucks. The Vision hydrogen/electric drive system has approximately 400-536 HP and 3,200-3,300 ft/lb of torque available. This is almost double the pulling power of a conventional diesel truck.

Vision is also in prototype development of the Cheetah™, which is being designed to be the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell/ plug-in electric-powered supercar. It will feature zero emissions and acceleration from zero to 60 MPH faster than production Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and the battery powered Tesla.

This past January, Vision Industries announced that Capacity of Texas, Inc. and Vision joined forces to build a Zero Emissions Terminal Tractor (ZETT™). The ZETT is undergoing construction on Capacity’s PHETT® platform and powered by the Vision plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell technology. The PHETT® was the world’s 1st Hybrid Terminal Tractor.

On May 25, 2010, Vision Industries Corp. announced that they entered into an agreement with Asemblon Inc. of Redmond, Washington. This agreement is for an exclusive license to sell Hydrnol for fleet fueling. The focus will be on centralized or strategically located fuel centers for heavy duty, Class 8 commercial vehicles equipped with fuel cells as the primary power source, excluding hybrids and gas or diesel combustion engines, within the continental U.S. Hydrnol is an organic chemical “carrier” for hydrogen transportation and storage. It is a simple, recyclable, rechargeable, organic molecule that carries hydrogen, which is released on demand through an onboard reactor.

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