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Coupon Express, Inc. (CPXP) Takes The Hassle Out Of Coupons

Any shopper interested in saving money has had the experience. You walk into the supermarket or other retail store and are suddenly aware that you don't have any coupons. Maybe you left them at home. Maybe you never bothered to find any. Whatever the problem, you now face paying full price for whatever you purchase. What's more, you know that the same thing will probably happen again and again in the future.

Coupons have been around for a long time, and have established themselves as a proven way to encourage consumers to buy. The problem is, they're a hassle, and only a very small percentage ever get used. Computerization has given consumers new couponing options, but the fact remains that most people simply don't bother with them, although almost everybody would appreciate the savings they represent.

Coupon Express, based in New York City, is leading the charge to reinvent the couponing experience, for both buyers and vendors. The company operates a growing network of in-store coupon kiosks, a simple way for buyers to get the most bang-for-the-buck out of their shopping experience. The kiosks are able to process coupons plus provide loyalty enrolment cards for a loyalty program designed for specific stores. They also provide information and functionality needed to redeem coupons for obtaining immediate in-store discounts. In addition, digital signage screens attached to the kiosks provide advertising opportunities for both national and local advertisers, and can also be used for special store promotions. The system even tracks the number of dispensed coupons, and calculates rebates that the store is due.

The brightly colored kiosks have already been placed in hundreds of supermarkets and retail stores in the Northeast and West Coast, with new stores being added all the time. The bottom line is that it's an innovative and successful tool for both the retailer and the people that shop there, as indicated by the fact that Coupon Express in-store coupons have a redemption rate of nearly 30%, compared to a rate of only 1.4% for traditional coupon mediums.

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