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Cryo-Cell International, Inc. (CCEL.OB) Partners with Monash University to Develop Revolutionary Autoimmune Disease Therapies

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Cryo-Cell International,, an undisputed leader in stem cell technology with some 215k clients globally, CCEL today reported a collaboration agreement with Australia’s Monash University to use the proprietary menstrual stem cell technology (MenScs) behind its Célle service to create therapies for MS (multiple sclerosis) and other autoimmune diseases.

When working with bone marrow stem cells (which are routinely isolated from patients for various disease treatments), Dr. James Chan and colleagues at the Monash Centre of Inflammatory Diseases, MNHS (Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences) developed a method whereby isolation, genetic manipulation and subsequent transplantation of these cells shows remarkable immune system tolerance characteristics.

The Centre of Inflammatory Diseases will utilize MenScs and its attendant gene therapy strategy for autoimmune disease treatment research, as noted in the industry standard publication, Journal of Immunology (American Society of Immunology), with the intent of creating innovative new therapies for the vast number of sufferers from diseases like Type 1 diabetes and MS.

Dr. Chan explained that the collaborative research effort between CCEL and MNHS would examine the viability of menstrual blood stem cells for removing/controlling the autoreactive cells associated with autoimmune diseases like MS.

Because the menstrual stem cell is readily available via non-invasive means, and cost-effective while also being prolific, it represents a very tolerable conduit for passing corrected state data to the host’s immune system via the isolation/manipulation methodology developed at MNHS.

Thus we have here the start of a very powerful method to tell the host’s immune system to stop attacking the body’s own tissues, and potential market capitalization is self-evident. There may even be a way to reverse existing disease somewhere down the line, as well as providing therapies for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, spinal cord injuries and cystic fibrosis.

Chairman and CEO of CCEL, Mercedes A. Walton, expressed honor at partnering with a “world-class globally recognized research institute” like Monash, and scientific minds of Dr. Chan’s caliber, to pioneer what could be a massive blow to these devastating illnesses that affect millions.

Walton cited US figures on MS that indicate between 250-350k cases of the incredibly debilitating scourge at any one time, which predicates an estimated annual cost in the billions to treat these sufferers.

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