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USA Recycling Industries (USRI) And Landfills

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Recycling is a popular catch-word, but how many people know what it really represents. Of the hundreds of millions of tons of non-industrial waste that is generated in the U.S. every year, roughly a third is recycled. The rest is disposed of in traditional ways, usually in landfills or by burning. Over and above the fact that people don't want to raise their families by a landfill, there are significant environmental concerns associated with the dumping of waste.

One of concerns regarding landfills is the organic matter dumped in unmanaged landfills and left to rot. One of the results of rotting organic matter is methane, a powerful greenhouse gas almost 20 times more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat from the sun. Another concern is the uncontrolled blending of industrial and home chemicals in landfills that can produce toxic emissions, dangerous to people and animals in the area. Dust and other contaminants are also generated as building materials are dumped. Dangerous chemicals from the growing disposal of consumer electronics are yet another concern, especially if they are allowed to eventually work their way into the water supply.

USA Recycling Industries, a recyclable waste collection and disposal company, handles a huge amount of waste products every day, servicing automotive aftermarket centers around the country. They have to deal with old batteries, old tires, scrap metal, oil and lubricants, and just about anything that involves automotive consumables. Yet, with all that diversity, the company has managed to hold true to its mission statement, ensuring that America's landfills remain debris-free of its collected materials.

The company sends collected and sorted scrap metal to steel mills, foundries, and smelters, which use it to produce new metal products. Used motor oil is sent to re-refining centers to be processed into new oil. Used tires and batteries are sent to recycling facilities to make new rubber and battery products.

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