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MusclePharm Corp. (MSLP.OB) ‏is “One to Watch”

MusclePharm Corp. is a developer and manufacturer of safe nutritional supplements that are free of banned substances and tested by athletes. The design of these is to help athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts improve their performance. Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, MusclePharm Corp. has their headquarters in Aurora, Colorado.

MusclePharm’s products are the result of an advanced six-stage research and testing protocol involving the expertise of top nutrition scientists. Their products have undergone field-testing by more than 100 elite professional athletes from the NFL, MMA, MLB and elsewhere. The Company has developed six products so far. These are ASSAULT®, BATTLE FUEL®, BULLET PROOF®, COMBAT POWDER®, RECON® and SHRED MATRIX®. Two additional products are due in stores in 2010.

MusclePharm products offer up to twice as much of the active ingredients per serving as competing products. They incorporate a proprietary mix of ingredients not available elsewhere. An example is Suma root– the “Russian Secret.” Suma is a natural, performance-boosting, strength-and muscle-building herbal derivative that has been used for years by top Russian athletes.

The Company’s Assault product is a combination of clinically proven, naturally occurring substances for providing muscles with increased energy at the cellular level. Their Battle Fuel product consists of natural compounds to influence the body’s hormonal, recovery, and immune pathways.

Their Bullet Proof product is a clinically proven combination of natural components to support the restful state of sleep possible, as well as to optimize recovery and repair through specific hormonal modulation and precise nutrient delivery. MusclePharm also has their Combat Powder, a timed-released protein super-food. In addition, they have Shred Matrix, which includes natural compounds to influence the body’s multiple metabolic, energy, and performance pathways. Furthermore, they have their Recon that consists of BCAAs and EAAs for muscle building.

On August 17, 2010, MusclePharm announced that MusclePharm athlete and NFL star Joey Porter will wear MusclePharm’s new clothing line during a 17-episode weekly series spanning the 2010 NFL season on NFL Network. The new MusclePharm-branded hats and shirts will be unveiled to the retail market in the coming weeks. Porter will be wearing MusclePharm apparel in all 17 episodes of a weekly NFL Network series that focuses on the upcoming NFL season.

“At MusclePharm, we find creative ways to make our brand stand out to multiple audiences and in multiple formats to reach all consumers,” said Cory Gregory, MusclePharm’s President. “We currently have focused on brand awareness in marketing in the UFC, NFL, MLB and in action sports markets. We believe we are a company that crosses over to multiple demographics and helps all of these athletes in these different sports, while also appealing to the normal, everyday athlete.”

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