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Carbon Sciences, Inc. (CABN.OB) Featured on TGDaily and in Pipeline Magazine Showcasing Proprietary Gas-to-Liquid Technology

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Carbon Sciences, Inc. announced that it has been featured on the informative and entertaining website and in Pipeline Magazine. Carbon Sciences is gaining notoriety for its patent-pending Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) technology which transforms greenhouse gases into gasoline and other portable fuels.

TGDaily, a United Kingdom-based blog with an Alexa ranking in the mid-12,000’s, receives over 400,000 views per month for its articles on breakthrough innovations in the areas of science, technology and business. The article, written by TGDaily reporter, Emma Woollacott, is entitled “System turns greenhouse gases into fuel” and outlines the basics of the technology as well as stating the Company’s aggressive schedule to bring the technology to market. In the article Dr. Naveed Aslam, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, stated, “Unlike other technologies, such as those for algae biofuels, that may require decades for commercial deployment, our plan for delivering a market-ready technology may be available as soon as early next year. Within a short period of time, we believe that the world can stop drilling for oil and start converting natural gas and greenhouse gases to gasoline.”

Established in 1984, Pipeline Magazine is a monthly publication that provides the energy industry with news, industry analysis, exclusive content, insight and interviews. The Pipeline magazine article titled “Why carbon recycling is the wave of the future,” was written by Carbon Sciences’ CEO, Byron Elton and details the dependency the world has on petroleum and possible solutions for the oil addiction. In the article, Mr. Elton explains how Carbon Sciences’ technologies will “find a solution to the dual problems of the increasing demand for energy and the consequent release of billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change.”

Carbon Sciences received some very noteworthy press at the end of July when Mr. Elton was published in the New York Times with his response to an opposite the editorial page (“op-ed”) contribution from Robert Boyce titled, “A Bad Bet on Carbon.” In the article, Mr. Boyce asserted that, “unlike natural gas, carbon dioxide is a worthless waste product,” which compelled Mr. Elton to write a response which was included in both the print and online edition of the world-renowned daily newspaper. The original article and responses can be viewed at: In his reply, Mr. Elton states, “The problem with C.C.S. is not the C.C. (carbon capture), but the S. (storage). C.C.R., on the other hand (carbon capture and recycling), is a terrific bet on carbon.”

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