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eDoorways Corp. (EDWY.PK) Provides Overview of Upcoming Additions to their Empowering Brand

Acknowledging eDoorways Corp.’s enhancements over the last several months, CEO Gary Kimmons stated, “It seems that the world is getting excited about the eDoorways platform and our persistence to connect all consumers to all businesses. Some incredibly bright people are taking a look at our website and have concluded that they want to get involved,” Kimmons continued.

“The eDoorway’s universe is revealing its cohesiveness, even as it continues to grow and expand. What’s clear is that eDoorways is truly emerging as a Broadband platform whose unique set of ‘doors’ are geared to empower those who enter,” Kimmons explained.

As of today, eDoorways has one “door” that’s been launched. In the future, however, the company plans to introduce many more “doors” that will be developed over the next few years. In the press release from this morning, eDoorways detailed the specifics of each one planned to date.

Doorway 1: This is the first door that the company launched late last year. A real-time problem solving venue and e-commerce platform resembling a “town square”, it’s the original conception of the eDoorways service offering. Through this doorway, pre-qualified “gold nugget” prospects will be connected directly to businesses that have the exact solution to their problem or need.

Doorway 2: This door will be designed to bring the learning experience to a higher level of intention and mastery, offering an avenue for anyone wishing to create a training experience for others or to further their own education. It will allow users to tap into the skill and knowledge of others in a real-time venue.

Doorway 3: This door will bring technology, tolerance, and talent together to create new ideas, products, and possibilities. “Imagine being able to go to a special place where you can air your creative thinking, run it by others of a similar mind, and turn it into a tangible, productive project using the unlimited human and information resources of the web,” commented Kimmons. “This is exactly what this door will allow.”

Doorway 4: The fourth door will connect those who want to help with those who need it, giving those who wish to serve the opportunity to bring tremendous focus and impact to their charitable action. “Make your action known to those who care so that they may assist you in bringing your unique capabilities to a world in need,” Kimmons added.

Doorway 5: The fifth door is focused on unfiltered facts, acting as a backbone element for all other doorways. “Have you ever wished you could hear what is going on in the world without having to filter out the opinion of its presenter? This door will cater to those who wish to draw their own conclusions,” explained Kimmons.

Doorway 6: This door will combine artificial intelligence driven, personalized and intuitive guidance with a “trans-dimensional gateway” – to whisk internet users from anywhere in Broadband Space to the eDoorways universe, instantly.

eDoorways aims to use each door to tap into new ways to derive revenue through technology licensing, advertising, and other avenues in markets such as education, news broadcasting, Internet search services, and others. These six new doors will be released sequentially as they are completed. In the press release, the company also hinted that other doors would emerge as the brand establishes itself.
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