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GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) Helps The Highway Patrol

|Includes: GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (INLX)

The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) is an internationally accredited agency dedicated to professional law enforcement services for the entire state of Ohio, covering roughly 11 million people and 44 thousand square miles. The agency's Central Records Division is responsible for maintaining records and reports for all incidents involving Ohio state highways, a massive responsibility. Their growing challenge involved, for example, the creation of public access and high-speed retrieval of over 86,000 crash reports every year.

The solution was the implementation of a public web access crash report system created jointly by OSHP and Intellinetics, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of GlobalWise Investments. The system uses Intellivue document imaging software from Intellinetics, providing a portal which the public can use to access and purchase tens of thousands of crash report images. The solution not only saves money on postage, supplies, and work hours previously needed to handle the huge amount of paperwork required, but it also generates cash income for the agency through document purchases.

GlobalWise provides advanced cloud-based document access systems that allow organizations unmatched access and control of their documents. The company's flagship platform, IntellivueTM, represents a new industry standard, enabling clients to manage the content of every scanned document, file, spreadsheet, email, photo, audio file or video tape, essentially anything that can be digitized, from any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

The increase in information that is swamping many organizations is exactly the problem being successfully addressed by GlobalWise. Companies are discovering that the vast majority of their documents, containing critical content, can get trapped as unstructured data, unable to be easily located when needed. The result can be inefficiency, lost labor, higher costs, and dangerous errors. GlobalWise lets organizations regain control of their data.