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Skinny Nutritional Corp. (SKNY) Rapidly Building Its Brand

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The rapid growth of Skinny Nutritional speaks to the wisdom of successfully addressing a previously unmet market need. Unlike the commonplace carb- or caffeine-loaded sports and energy drinks, or the so-called health drinks that simply reduce the sugar and sodium, Skinny knew there was a market out there that wanted something different. Millions of working women and men were looking for flavor and fun without the guilt, something they could enjoy while being good to their bodies and their waistlines. They were looking for exactly what Skinny set out to create. From its very first days, Skinny Nutritional knew the market it was after, knew that it was big, and was determined to meet it.

• 2006 - Creative Enterprises Int. changed name to Skinny Nutritional Corp.

• 2008 - Company launched first zero-calorie enhanced water

• 2010 - Skinny popularity took off with 1 million cases being sold

• 2012 - Skinny launches proprietary bottle, pH+ water and natural flavors

Today, Skinny has expanded to a host of popular varieties, all using 100% natural flavorings, with zero artificial colors or preservatives, and all with zero sugar, zero carbs, zero calories, and zero sodium, and new concepts continue to be created under the Skinny brand. It's all aimed at that huge and still largely underserved market of health and weight-conscious people who take the time to carefully review the ingredient list. These people aren't fooled by fancy words and logos, and once they've found a brand name they can trust, they will stick with it. That's the brand that Skinny is building.

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