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Intelligent Communication Enterprise Corp. (ICMC.OB) Launches Innovative and Unique Celebrity-focused Social Media Platform

Intelligent Communication Enterprise Corp., – a leading innovator in the mobile phone space with sophisticated enterprise/consumer solutions, introduced Modizo™ today during a huge, celebrity-studded event at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.
The new online platform offers a unique and unprecedented level of connectivity between celebrities and their fan base via mobile messaging and exclusive spontaneous interactive video content.

Editor-in-Chief of Modizo, Victor Jeffery, was the keynote speaker at this gala event and noted how Modizo is the brainchild of the Company’s founder. Envisioned as a fun and intuitive bridge between celebrities and their millions of fans all over the planet, with some 80 celebs already available on the site today, Modizo plans to expand even further.

Jeffery explained to moguls from across the mobile telecom and entertainment industries how the age of celebrity news, in formats that render the information passé by the time it reaches fans, is long gone, and how the structure of such information itself is now able to shift from interviewer-driven content to fan/celebrity-driven content with the advent of Modizo.

Jeffery cited the emergence of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as the basis for how readily successful something like Modizo is going to be, and further explained that, unlike any of these, Modizo presents a superior solution.

Celebs don’t have time and don’t want to risk sharing their lives through extant mediums, but Modizo is different. It was designed for precisely such a purpose, unlike the aforementioned, which – while great for the general public – do not serve the celebrity/fan equation well.

The Modizo platform is like a virtual mobile studio where celebs like athletes, musicians and film/TV stars can easily stay in touch with their fans in real-time via any intelligent networked device from a PC to a cell phone.

A quantum leap beyond existing mobile blogs and social media sites, Modizo allows celebs to upload their own 30- to 90-second video clips and then alert their fan bases worldwide through SMS, email or Modizo’s own mobile application, allowing fans to immediately respond in a very friendly, community-like atmosphere.

Modizo is thus a powerful social networking engine for driving personage/fan interaction, head and shoulders above extant venues, offering exclusive premium content like highly localized and event specific “Modizodes” or videos of celebrity news featuring on-location and buzz-worthy content.

Founder and CEO of Galaxy Group, Alan Chan, noted the partnership between Galaxy World Holdings Limited and the Company, aimed at recruiting influential celebrities from all fields of endeavor throughout the Asian region, for providing exclusive content to Modizo.

Modizo is an amazing incarnation of the Company’s iCEsync (ICE Synchronised Mobile Communities) architecture, and promises to revolutionize the celebrity media space. Initial focus is on introducing Modizors (the celebrities that produce Modizodes) popular in the Asia-Pacific region, where a huge unmet demand exists.

The Company is ideally positioned to make huge moves as a virtually unopposed front runner. With subsequent plans for Bollywood, and then Hollywood, ICMC has clearly hit on a winning solution that will generate substantial downstream revenue for the Company and its shareholders.

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