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Hitor Group, Inc. (HITR) Is “One To Watch”

|Includes: Hitor Group, Inc. (HITR)

Hitor Group has developed considerable momentum in environmentally sustainable technology via an ever-growing proprietary portfolio of solutions that penetrate the primary construction, energy/transportation, and water/waste management markets, establishing lucrative territory for the company's shareholders in what is one of the most rapidly growing global segments today.

Look at construction and housing for instance, where the company made a bold move in July 2012 with the formation of a European division, Hitor Poland LLC., to accelerate delivery of the exclusive global rights to NuGuard™ Home Systems Technology (reported, Aug 1), a revolutionary new architectural panel system. Securing the manufacturing agreement (July 17) with legendary Polish rail-vehicle body and bus supplier Autosan (largest in Poland with a production track record stretching back to the early 1800′s) to produce the NuGard panels, which are light-weight yet exceed durability/structural integrity requirements of competing products, was a major win for HITR and showcases the European footprint move quite well.

Management seems to have a good nose for this sort of thing and the Hitor Poland European head office is planned to be located in the Mercedes Benz office building in Krakow, placing HITR at the epicenter of activity, as Autosan's major clients include both Mercedes and the Polish Army, as well as many railways throughout Europe. It's a perfect example of how well positioned HITR is both in terms of industry connectivity and product innovation. The NuGard panels are composed of environmentally inert materials, and are generally more efficient/cost-effective than alternatives as well.

At the close of 2011 (Dec 12), HITR was able to punch through with their novel NanoJet fuel saving and emissions reduction technology after five years of rigorous R&D, introducing it in Europe in collaboration with German manufacturer of ultra-fine filters for cleaning oil/diesel (just about any oil really from biodiesel to compressor oil) from water and particles, Micfil International GmbH. The revolutionary NJCT product is destined to become a standard for fuel and emissions markets and will be manufactured according to the highest standards in Germany. After successful third-party testing in 2012, the product should hit the market with some serious force. Emission reductions of a whopping 50% (up to 80%), combined with fuel savings in the 35-40% range, according to CEO of HITR, Ken Martin, will lead to a follow-up phase, as the company kicks down the door of the locomotive/truck end of the transport market. The newest patented version has seen extensive testing in Europe and the company is very excited about the anticipated commercial launch.

Another area where HITR has deep roots and positive forward developmental momentum is water filtration/treatment. With joint venture and private label RO (reverse osmosis) technology that dovetails exceptionally well with all existing systems and a solid reputation in the industry for being able to design any kind of customized solution (under the counter or large-scale) the client could want, HITR is a leader in water filtration with 15 years of tried and tested, yet constantly evolving hardware capabilities. Water filtration and treatment is emerging as one of the growing global problems today and HITR has anticipated this dynamic with a green, scalable systems architecture that is also self-cleaning by design.

Hitor has also developed a strong bundled communication data services capability (cell, high-speed data, radio, telephone, and television) which integrates all the needed technologies into one wireless IP platform. Such a platform is ideal for the kind of remote, standalone, Solar and Wind Turbine technologies that make up another significant area of the company's work. While solar is still an emerging front for HITR, the company's patented VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) technology is an established, robust, next-gen wind harvester built around a permanent magnet generator. The 5kW VAWT design from Canadian developer Vbine Energy is an ideal micro-application that can go just about anywhere, whether it's on a remote site or used in a rural/urban niche application, the no-to-low maintenance design features no drive shaft/gearbox, no brushes/bushings or slip rings, and uses a patented blade design able to produce energy on a full half of the 360 degree rotation (even on mere updrafts). With a lifecycle of 20-30 years, the VAWT service envelope will place the technology increasingly in the hands of isolated/remote field functions and one can't help but think of the pressing DOD requirements in the U.S., which call for exactly this kind of remotely operable, self-contained, modular, renewable platform technology.

Rounding out the company's profile are initiatives in the waste-to-energy, gasification, and initial filtration/separation for waste technologies, all stemming from core competencies built in related hardware, logistic, and managerial endeavors. Hitor is a well-connected environmental solutions company with visionary management that is squarely focused on expanding their overall commercialization pipeline for a constantly-evolving green tech portfolio, driven ultimately by the massive opportunity that exists in the segment for bolstering shareholder returns as a global push towards sustainable technology encompasses all industries.

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