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Skinny Nutritional Corp. (SKNY) To Get The Message Across And Grab Consumers With New Packaging

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When it comes to consumer goods, one of the most important forms of product advertising has nothing to do with television, billboards, or social media. It's the product packaging. Developing product packaging to present a clear and unique message to the consumer is one of the most effective ways to get them to buy. Why go to all the trouble of getting hard-to-win shelf space for your product and not use it to maximum advantage?

Think about it: The consumer is already in the store or other point of sale, they are already thinking of buying something, and they will spend most of their time looking at products and making active purchasing decisions while browsing. As a vendor, there is absolutely no better time or place to get your message right and to define your brand. And your product's packaging is the principal medium for communicating that message.

For Skinny Nutritional, makers of various enhanced health drinks, the goal is to make it clear to the consumer that their drinks offer something different and better than anything else on the shelf. Skinny Water, the company's flagship brand, is a line of exclusive 100% naturally flavored waters containing zero-sugar, zero-carbs, zero calories, and zero sodium, together with customized blends of nutrients and electrolytes designed for a growing market of consumers focused on health as well as taste.

To this end, the company plans to launch an innovative bottle with new packaging, now scheduled for some time in 2013. The specially shaped 16-oz. bottle will display a full sleeve label with bright colors and bold message to drive the key selling points of taste and health. The idea is to immediately capture consumers interested in more than the calorie/sodium laden offerings that masquerade as health drinks.

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