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Vycor Medical, Inc. (VYCO.OB) Neurosurgical Retraction Technology Explained

A recent article featured on profiled Vycor Medical, Inc. as Michael W. Weaver, MD, assistant professor of Neurosurgery, Temple University, explained the Vycor Medical’s ViewSite Brain Access System (VBAS).

Vycor has revolutionized retraction devices with VBAS as developments in such a critical aspect of brain surgery have not experienced any significant developments in over 50 years. This proprietary technology provides surgeons with a much more vivid view during operations while also moving brain tissue to focus on the target area in a way that is far superior and safer to the patient.

The article explains that Vycor didn’t invent the idea of minimally invasive brain surgery, but they have unquestionably made significant improvements. Some of the complications and injuries that result from brain surgery are not a consequence of the pathology itself, they are a product of the necessary retractions to reach the specified region. VBAS greatly minimizes the chances of any “consequential” damage. In the area of brain surgery, there are obvious risks as nothing is guaranteed, but any technologies that can reduce the risk by even a minimal amount will most likely become standard procedure. VBAS does not simply reduce the risk by a miniscule level; it has been receiving notoriety and praise within the industry for its far greater capacities, including deep-seated pathologies.

Recovery time is also very important. According to Dr. Weaver, “Recovery times are slightly less. The steroid dependency and steroid taper, some of the medications you use for brain swelling, can be relatively less because there’s less traction injury.”

In the world of biomedical devices and biotechnology, many things are purely speculative about what a technology can do. VBAS has 510(k) clearance already and has been used in nearly 100 surgeries. No longer are things purely speculative. Why is it receiving accolades by doctors that have used the system? Dr. Weaver sums it up best with his comment, “This is a sort of see-through, polyethylene kind of device that’s very easy to use. It allows you to modern tools and really does allow for a minimally invasive surgical corridor to reach deep-seated tumors that would normally require a lot of retraction and a lot more brain dissection. It’s reduced the amount of surgical time, so you can do these tumors quicker, you probably can do them as safely, if not safer, and I think it should be utilized for every deep-seated tumor.”

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