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Weikang Bio-Technology Group Co., Inc. (WKBT.OB) Announces Upcoming Launch of Three New Therapeutics

|Includes: Weikang Bio-Technology Group Co., Inc. (WKBT)

Weikang Bio-Technology Group, – producer of traditional Chinese medicine, health aids, powerful nutritional supplements (all in full compliance with PRC regulatory licensure) and which is actively branching out into herbal extracts as well as GMP-certified western prescription and OTC pharmaceuticals, announced today plans to launch three brand new therapeutics during Q1 FY11.

A total projected revenue generation from the new products should exceed $3.1M ($1.1M net) in 2011 and have already received the stamp of approval from the State Food and Drug Administration.

Chairman and CEO of WKBT, Mr. Yin Wang, was pleased at the health of the Company and its constant progress, evinced by the capacity to regularly launch such novel high-margin offerings to meet growing demand throughout China and global markets.

Wang noted how the new products address critical gaps in the overall market supply profile, indicating that the new products will generate substantial new market penetration, brand identity awareness, future revenues and income growth.

The WKBT research and development team have really been putting in the work over the past few years to develop a series of high-quality therapeutics specifically targeting today’s most important health issues, where demand is at its greatest.

Wang cited stringent controls to ensure that WKBT products contain only the highest quality natural ingredients and the most sophisticated of processing technologies (GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000 quality assurance management system implemented at all processing facilities) in order to ensure maximum effectiveness for the customer.

The main Heilongjiang Province Weikang facility and the Guizhou Province-incorporated Tianfang (located in the bustling Zhazuo Medicine Industry Area of Guiyang City) are some of the most advanced facilities and will produce:

• Ha Ge Jiao Lan – a therapeutic for ameliorating menopause symptoms, increasing youthful vitality and regulating hormone balance

• Shouwu Long Life – a kidney/cardivascual system booster which also improves blood circulation in mature adults while being useful as a memory enhancer, dizziness/ringing in the ears treatment and even prevents early graying

• Lysozyme Buccal – a natural antibiotic to be produced in tablet form for treating acute pharyngitis and upper respiratory infections or ulceration symptoms

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