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Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. (ILNS.OB) Receives Key Patents Related to Ongoing Alzheimer’s Solutions

Intellect Neurosciences, – the biopharma company developing a variety of disease-modifying therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other disorders, reported reception of a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office today for the Company’s internal AD monoclonal antibody program.

The Company is quickly establishing a sophisticated platform for addressing AD which can boast improved efficacy and safety over any competitors.

Chairman and CEO of ILNS, Dr. Daniel Chain, Ph.D., inventor of the ANTISENILIN® monoclonal antibody platform designed to prevent/treat AD noted the importance of this patent as it covers two highly specific monoclonal antibodies (acquired from Immuno-Biological Laboratories, Ltd.) that represent a key safety component which integrates directly with the ANTISENILIN technology.

The two antibodies bind different ends of the amyloid beta protein while preserving non-interaction with the amyloid precursor protein and represent a significant expansion of the portfolio of patented neutralizing antibodies, putting ILNS in prime position to exploit resulting improvements in drug efficacy (based on pharmacokinetic and safety profiles).

Dr. Chain noted the Company’s strategy of granting royalty-bearing licenses to many of the top global pharmaceutical companies for products based on the ANTISENILIN platform and how advanced clinical trials, involving several thousand AD patients worldwide, are underway.

Dr. Chain expressed great pleasure at the success in recent months of accruing key additions to the Company’s patent profile, citing specifically four new patents that integrate directly with their development pipeline as fundamental to attracting new partnerships.

Dr. Chain explained that ongoing talks with a leading monoclonal antibody company relating to the development of an AD/neurodegenerative antibody technology would lead to a powerful new tool for transforming/optimizing ILNS’s humanized monoclonal antibody, IN-N01.

Dr. Chain foresees the creation of a powerful new generation of antibodies for addressing AD which has vastly reduced inflammation, microhemorrhage and vasogenic edema results, putting the Company in a prime market position to triumph over antibody drugs “currently in development by major pharmaceutical companies”.

Former Head of Discovery Translational Medicine at Wyeth Research and Pfizer, Dr. Giora Feuerstein, M.D., who joined the ILNS team recently as a consultant commented on the amazing potential of this “completely new class of improved antibodies with better safety and efficacy”, noting how it can address the widest possible population of AD patients, maybe before it even becomes symptomatic.

Dr. Feuerstein explained that the goal of development would result in a solution that significantly reduces the need for patients to make costly office visits as well while broadening access to disease-modifying treatments.

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