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The Incredible Wakanda Blockchain


It’s the wealthiest kingdom in Africa! At the northern end of Lake Turkana.

The point where Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya meet. This kingdom has remained in isolation for centuries.

And is considered the most technologically advanced nation on the planet.

The Incredible Wakanda Blockchain


The prime natural resource is Vibranium a metal alloy costing $10,000 per gram.

Thought to have originated from a meteorite, Vibranium can be forged into awesome weapons.

The King of Wakanda is known as The Black Panther.

The protagonist is Ulysses Klaue who surprisingly speaks exactly like your author.

In fact, rumor has it he is also from that high altitude city called Jo’burg.

The ancient dialect of Wakanda sounds exactly like a Buntu language your author learned as a child.

It is called Xhosa.

A clicking language … in fact, to correctly pronounce “Xhosa,” the “X” begins with a click.

The same language spoken by that Great Man Nelson Mandela!

A photo of the landscape … (Image courtesy of Shutterstock)


If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about then maybe you are one of the few yet to see the Marvel Picture’s $1b+ grossing blockbuster Black Panther!

Frankly, if you had told me 30 years ago, during the depths of Apartheid, that South African culture would become mainstream culture du jour, I would have thought you Crazy.

But alas, the world is slowly turning.

Some might scoff at this prediction, but to the observant analyst the balance of power has gradually shifted Westward throughout the ages …

  • Humanity began in East Africa and moved westward;
  • to Mesopotamia;
  • Greece;
  • Rome;
  • France;
  • England;
  • the United States;
  • Japan;
  • the five Asian tigers;
  • China and
  • Prosperity should soon follow in India and
  • Finally Africa;
  • a full circle

Believe the unbelievable!


The one major stumbling block holding Africa (and much of the emerging world) back is ofcourse the element of trust.

Trust is the foundation on which commerce is built.

Enter the Blockchain.

Our research team is hard at work understanding the impact that Blockchain will have on commerce going forward.

This excerpt from Wikipedia captures the essence:

  • A permanent, verifiable record;
  • That does not require a trusted central authority.

That pretty much captures it all.

Could blockchain technology be the panacea for Africa’s woes?

Don’t believe us?

Listen to Blockchain and Crypto GURU Brock Pierce

While commerce may be about to set sail in the emerging world, we are intensely focused on Blockchain disruption in our area of the World – illiquid private assets.

Which, if the hype is to be believed, will soon to be tokenized and traded at an exchange near you by these folks (amongst others)…. Polymath Network

We have no affiliation or investment with any of the groups mentioned above.

Wakanda Forever!