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Can Any Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Meet The Following Qualifications?

Can any Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate meet the following qualifications?

Are current elected officials doing their job? The answer is no! Therefore they are not qualified as a candidate for any city Job!

Human values drive sustainable success and Accountability!

Understanding the power of a quality relationship management depends a good deal on an awareness of people's behavior and preferences. Soliciting from any group, community or department, what motivates, inspires and provides satisfying experiences is a key to creating strong bonds and powerful alliances that drive buy in and support, no matter the context.
Currently relationship management, across all its various attributions, is poorly understood and even more abysmally executed. If the current understanding of relationship management is simply to monitor and respond to negative commentary on your reputation, your brand, your business or your services, or to follow up and cross sell when the customer, stakeholder or client has fallen off your radar, this is no better than shutting the stable door long after the horse has bolted it. It is about listening, responding, reciprocating, acknowledging, modeling ethics and values, everywhere you are or your business is active.
The value of building and maintaining a reputation built on the principles of the human mandatory behavior (accountability, boundaries, respect, responsibility, honesty, support and trust) means creating cooperative alliances and rewarding relationships. This cannot be short cut, avoided, undeserved or manipulated. We are each being held to account on our behaviors in regard to our commitments and on this we stand or fall in peer assessment.
There is no excuse now, given the quantity and quality of tracking technologies and social media assets, not to create a formidable and very manageable strategy to build and sustain quality relationships and use all positive testimonials, word of mouth recommendations and quality referrals to build personal and professional capital as well as business advantage. To fail to implement such a strategy is to be asleep at the wheel in a fast moving and competitive world.

An elected leader must represent all the people, with no exceptions, and no favoritism to any particular group. A leader is elected as the servant of the people. A leader must be proactive, and not wait to respond to crisis only. Any leader or elected official that can not perform the job honestly and faithfully must resign and make way for another to perform the duties as required.

Our current elected leaders and officials at LA City Hall are asleep at the wheel; therefore, they have no business running for any job/position in the city of Los Angeles.

An elected official that performs the job faithfully and honestly will be re-elected without abusing the job, diminishing the jobs performance and wasting money that could be used for better purposes.

YJ Draiman