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"When will "ENOUGH BE ENOUGH?"

We keep electing our political leaders from the same parasitic pool of privileged families.

I challenge anyone to name the congressperson, or senator in Washington, or your state that was brought up in a middle income, middle class family, or had to work a real job to pay the bills. I'm not talking about attorneys, or corporate top level managers. These people are not what I consider workers! Show me the person in our government that has had to borrow money to send his kids to college, or take out an "inflated interest" loan to buy a house! Do any of them really care that we are mortgaging our children's future to China? How many of them have had to go to war, or serve in the military other than be an officer with the elitist mindset that permeates our armed forces? We as voters are getting exactly what we have reaped because we fail to elect any leaders that actually know who we are, and what we think.

Our salvation can only come from our votes, and we should vote the man, not the party! Vote for the person that has proven his way from a humble beginning, and succeeded...oh yeah! That's right! You won't find any such person because unless they sell out to a special interest group with money, fat chance they will be able to afford to compete in the arena of the privileged elite! Money actually buys our leaders even before they are elected!

The current job down turn was badly handles from the beginning and the government's response to the crisis has, in some instances, made matters worse. The feds threw stimulus money at California which simultaneously cut its EDD staff precisely when the unemployed needed their help the most. Sacramento sent bailout money to local municipalities like Los Angeles, which used the money to save high paying government jobs only to subsequently eliminate those same jobs as part of the city's cost saving measures.

The state and federal government layered on large amounts of unemployment benefits that made people out of work feel good but did nothing to help them get back to work. The benefits have now run out and the unemployment recipients have been thrust back into the ranks of job seekers with no new work skills and no new job prospects.

We have spent trillions of dollars and have nothing to show for it. What we need is a disaster plan and disaster response, which requires identifying those in need of critical attention from those who need minimal retooling of skills to reenter the job market.

Is the consortium of people and foundations that we wrote about the answer to our critical need? Who knows but if they don't address the critical steps needed to getting people back to work it will all be a waste of time.

Regardless of our own personal beliefs and values; we must join together and address this unemployment issue before our great nation is permanently damaged. This is perhaps due to the greed and pettiness of some of our leaders; but now is not the time to be pointing fingers.

We have a duty to help our fellow citizens.

It is easy to point out what is wrong; harder to develop and implement solutions to problems and issues.

I agree that working together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration; we can address and resolve any challenge.

I support and look forward to contributing and getting our country contributing solutions, ideas, approaches, and resources to our communities, our country and our world.