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When Enough Is Enough – Israel It Is Time To Take Off The Gloves And Defend Your Citizens - No Holds Barred.

When enough is enough - Israel it is time to take off the gloves and defend your citizens - no holds barred.

No sane country in the world would stand for hundreds of missiles fired at her citizens in a few days without an extreme response. The hell with world opinion or the leftist distorted Media. People respect a country that defends its citizens and not put it citizens in harms way.

This is the results of years of concessions by Israel. To the Palestinian Arabs a concession is a sign of weakness.

When Israel had the policy of retaliating with a heavy hand many years ago, this escalation would have never happened.

I would like to see us Americans tolerate hundreds of missiles coming at us across our borders and bombing our territories our schools and our homes.

The outcry by the American population would be respond with extreme power and stop the missiles, no matter what the cost.

In 1962 the Russians put missiles in Cuba without firing on the United States that almost started a nuclear World War 3.

At what point will Israel and its leaders realize that no matter what they do, it doesn't matter in the world's eyes and they need to stop trying to please the world and do what is necessary for the security and safety of its own people?

At this point I for one think that Israel needs to just take off the gloves and treat those who want war with exactly what they want. It's called survival.

Let the cleanup begin.

I strongly support an extremely strong action against terrorism and missiles.

YJ Draiman. Los Angeles, CA